Providing a sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply is fundamentally important to our lives. 克兰菲尔德 is advancing the potential solutions in energy and power to ensure our future needs are met. 阅读更多 读的少

克兰菲尔德’s expertise in energy and power covers a range of the potential energy solutions, from our ongoing relationship with oil and gas, to our developing reliance on renewable energy from the world around us. The changing energy landscape presents exciting opportunities and the potential for the UK to lead in new technologies and services related to low carbon energy and power generation.

We inform the energy and power industry and government because our expertise is world-renowned for both the engineering and management of energy solutions. Our research is making a difference in the sector: from increasingly efficient oil platforms to the cutting edge of renewable energy technologies.

Our postgraduate community includes around 200 MSc students from around the globe and 150 full-time doctoral students including our 可再生能源 Marine Structures (REMS) Centre for Doctoral Training 和牛津大学合作. Our graduates are working in engineering and management roles across the energy industry, 并把他们的学习付诸实践.

Our expertise is supported by unique industrial scale experimental 设施 across many different kinds of energy systems. 其中包括海洋系统实验室, 燃气轮机, 厌氧消化装置, and high temperature coating test 设施. These make our site a wholly unique and unparalleled centre for energy research and learning.

We are making a difference and making it possible to meet the needs of our population and industry while reducing our impact on the world. 看lbet电竞最新地址的电影 to discover more about how 克兰菲尔德 is creating leaders in the fields of energy and power.